Retail plans

Retail Healthcare
Key Components

Accessibility: IHMS Retail healthcare plans offer accessibility to a broader range of individuals by offering convenient locations and 24/7 customer support.

Service Variety: IHMS Retail healthcare plans encompass a wide range of services, including primary care, urgent care, preventative services, and chronic disease management.

Choosing the Right Providers: IHMS partners with reputable retail healthcare providers that offer services aligning with our business goals and enrollee needs.


General Consultation
Specialist Consultation
Provision of prescribed Drugs
Management of Chronic Diseases (Drugs, Consultations, Investigations and Preventive awareness programs)
Admissions (including feeding)
Provision of prescribed Drugs
Comprehensive X-Rays
Comprehensive Laboratory Tests
# 155,501.94


Ultrasound Scan Services
Advanced Radiological Investigation (Including CT-Scan & MRI)
Emergency ambulance Services
Intensive Care Services (ICU)
Accident and Emergency care
Ophthalmic Care: Consultation, Examination, Medications, and Simple/Primary Eye Infections
Optical ware – Lenses and frame or contact lenses
# 295,401.59


Specialist Consultation
Surgical extraction
Major Surgery
Blood transfusion
Antral wash-out
Nasal Polypectomy
Physiotherapy Sessions
Maxillary sinus endoscopy
Spa & Wellness
Spa & Wellness
# 488,150.75

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